Parish History

Parish History

Our Parish community began in June 1887, with a small but zealous nucleus of 47 families. In 1888, a combination church-school building was erected. Twenty two years later, Thanksgiving Day, November 20, 1908, was indeed a day of gratitude... the blessing and dedication of the new church took place. The simplicity and strength of its architectural style to this very day reflect the practical management and strong, generous faith of those early parishioners.

Throughout the years, as need demanded, the faithful responded generously. Despite economic depressions, the parish grew: parishioners built a new parish house, a Sister’s home, a larger school, acquired the Enrichment Center building, and built the annex for Junior High classes. More importantly, a unique family spirit and tradition was building and continues today in all "Augies". The parish remains the "spiritual home" of many people who no longer live in the immediate neighborhood.

Since the Second Vatican Council, held in Rome in 1962, parish leadership has directed our parish in the needed and welcomed Church reforms. In 1988, our parish family celebrated its Centennial. Our parish spirit and tradition are faced today with a challenge as real as yesterday’s blueprints and mortgages - the building of a renewed, vital Christian community which must reach out even beyond parish walls.

Through continued adult education, lay leadership and ministry, community worship and service, may God find us prepared and responsive to very real needs: a greater understanding and deeper appreciation for the commitment to which we were all called in Baptism and Confirmation; a renewal of family prayer and life, an interest in our youth; a shared, personal concern for our elderly whose life-long efforts built the community we enjoy today; a personal responsibility for the less fortunate, those alienated from the church; a greater fellowship of shared prayer, a dialog and community service with our Christian and non-Christian neighbors.

Our founding families heard and responded to God’s call; the parish buildings and traditions are testimony to their faith. Today, God calls to each of us to make a generous response to renew to heal and to welcome many who either seek or question Christianity today. The challenge is in our hands.