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Youth Ministry - Grades 7 -10 & Youth Confirmation

Religious Education

Religious Education is the formal, intentional catechetical component of the Youth Ministry program for youth who attend public schools.  Students will attend sessions monthly from a calendar of available times.  This program is now in collaboration among multiple parishes and will be called Southeast Catholic Religious Formation.  These parishes include:  Saint Augustine Parish, Immaculate Conception, Nativity of the Lord, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Saint Paul Parish and Saint Veronica Congregation.  Sessions will be held either at Nativity of the Lord, Saint Paul Parish or Saint Veronica Congregation.  The sessions include both large and small group components. The small group time is used to facilitate discussion on faith related topics that are important to young people today. The Youth Minister and Catechists also use a variety of activities and media to help connect our faith to the everyday lives of our youth and families. The Youth Ministry program also provides opportunities for youth to engage in service, social and retreat opportunities throughout the year.  For more information or questions, please contact Rebecca Scholz, Director of Youth Ministry and Youth Confirmation, at 414-481-0777 x135.

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South East Catholic Religious Education