South Shore Parish News and Information

Effective June 21, 2016, the priest Administrators for the South Shore Cluster are:

Fr. Philip Schumaker, Administrator for St. Augustine and Immaculate Conception Parishes
Fr. Carmelo Giuffre, Administrator for St. Veronica and Nativity of the Lord Parishes
Fr. Arul Ponnaiyan, Administrator for St. Paul and Sacred Heart of Jesus Parishes 

These six south shore parishes work in collaboration. Here are the links to these churches:

St. Augustine of Hippo, 414-744-0808 
Immaculate Conception, 414-769-2480
St. Veronica, 414-482-2920 
Sacred Heart of Jesus, 414-489-2806
St. Paul, 414-482-3510 
Nativity of the Lord, 414-744-6622

Please check with individual parishes to ensure accurate, up to date information and Mass times. 

 Please click here to see the Pastoral Activity Report